China Plans to Launch Manned Spacecraft Shenzhou-11 on Monday

China is getting ready to launch a manned spacecraft on Monday, marking an important step toward the countrys ambition to construct and operate its first space station by 2020.

The spacecraft is scheduled to blast off on the Lengthy March-2F carrier rocket at 7.30 a.m. Beijing time from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in western Gansu province, Wu Ping, deputy director of China Manned Space Agency, told reporters Sunday. It will likely be Beijings third space-lab mission this season.

The worlds second-largest economy has spent billions previously decade to compete inside a space race using the U.S. and Russia, in addition to Asian rivals India and Japan, with intends to send an astronaut towards the moon by about 2025 and also to land an unmanned vehicle on Mars.

Astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong will pier with orbiting space lab Tiangong-2 within 2 days. They’ll stay thirty days within the space lab, that was launched recently.&nbsp

In 2003, China grew to become the 3rd nation to transmit a guy into space and effectively completed its first docking mission by having an orbiting space lab this year.

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