FBI involved after tweet sent with strobe GIF triggers seizure

Kurt Eichenwald attacked the one who sent the strobe GIF.
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A tweet has brought for an arrest three several weeks after it had been sent.

Back on 12 ,. 15, Vanity Fair adding editor and Newsweek senior author Kurt Eichenwald shared that someone had targeted him having a strobing tweet. The flashing tweet, sent with a Twitter user going through the handle @jew_goldstein, gave the journalist a seizure. He’s a known epileptic and Eichenwald believed he’d been focused on his political opinions.

Following the harrowing Twitter experience, he published he was going for a breather in the platform and going after law suit from the violent tweeter.

Fast-forward a couple of several weeks as well as on Friday morning Eichenwald published (on Twitter, where he came back captured) the FBI had arrested the individual thought to be behind the @jew_goldstein Twitter account.

A phone call to Eichenwald’s attorney Steven Lieberman on Friday morning confirmed that the man was arrested in Maryland on Friday morning regarding the the strobing tweet. An FBI spokeswoman also confirmed the arrest.

The accused is 29-year-old John Rivello, the Department of Justice stated inside a statement on Friday evening, and that he continues to be billed with cyberstalking Eichenwald. It’s alleged Rivello sent the strobing GIF using the words “You deserve a seizure for the publish.”

Rivello, based on the allegations, have been messaging other Twitter users discussing his understanding of Eichenwald’s epilepsy with statements for example “I really hope this transmits him right into a seizure” and “spammed this at [victim] let us find out if he dies.”

Rivello’s iCloud account may also be utilized as evidence, because it allegedly contained a screenshot of the Wikipedia page for Eichenwald, this was altered to incorporate to start dating ? of dying as 12 ,. 16, 2016.The account also had screenshots from epilepsy.com that demonstrated triggers for seizures and screenshots of Eichenwald’s are accountable to law enforcement.

Following a arrest on Friday, Eichenwald continued a Twitter spree with claims the tweeter is simply one part of several 40 people who sent strobes using the aim of triggering seizures. “Stop delivering them,” he pleaded.

UPDATE: March 17, 2017, 8:46 p.m. EDT The Department of Justice released details concerning the identity from the suspect.

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