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Media captionThe recording was taken with a camera in Church Crookham at 03:16 GMT

A vibrant meteor continues to be sighted over Britain in early hrs.

Witnesses have described the item like a eco-friendly flash moving south to north for any couple of seconds, departing a magnesium-white-colored trail.

Sightings happen to be reported in locations including London, Hampshire, Stafford as well as on the new england of England at approximately at 03:16 GMT.

Its colour has motivated people on Twitter to explain it as being the St Patrick’s Day meteor.

Footage captured on a dashcam and posted on Twitter by DJ Paul Gilbert seems to exhibit the meteor over Battersea working in london.

Richard Kacerek, in the United kingdom Meteor Observation Network, told the BBC it’d received reports from across the nation.

He stated the network’s camera at Church Crookham in Hampshire had taken the meteor in the west.

“This is actually the greatest meteor sighting we’ve recorded,” Mr Kacerek stated.

“It lasted for any couple of seconds. It had been seen for countless miles. We’ve received numerous emails.”

He stated the network of astronomy enthusiasts recorded about ten to fifteen meteors each year.

Mr Kacerek added: “Will still be very early to state where it originated from but later we are searching at footage from your other camera in northern the nation and analysing the information to find out much more about its origins and intensity.”

An astronomer in the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation in the College of Portsmouth, Dr Karen Masters, stated it had been apt to be a piece of metallic rock which in fact had are available in in the solar system.

“A large number of this stuff hit our planet every single day, many of them within the oceans or higher not inhabited parts around the globe. It is extremely rare that certain covers this type of populated place and become so vibrant.”

She stated its size depends on its velocity however it was most likely as large as a tennis ball and travelling as much as 30 miles another. The eco-friendly colour that individuals saw was apt to be from metal within the meteor, within this situation magnesium.

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