Looking For The Perfect Gift? Here’s Where You Can Find A Jeweled Victorian Gas Mask.

A Brooklyn, New York, flea market will offer some bugged-out items for sale this weekend like a spider web ring.

The First Annual Oddities Flea Market will be held March 12 at the Brooklyn Bazaar, giving lovers of the weird a chance to buy some truly bizarre items in all price ranges, according to organizer Ryan Matthew Cohn, best known for his appearances on the Science Channel series, Oddities.

  • Articulated Cat Skeleton
    Ryan Matthew Cohn

    “For $5, you could get a vintage postcard,” Cohn told HuffPost. “For a lot more, you could get a taxidermic cat.”

  • Exploded Skull
    Ryan Matthew Cohn

  • Antique Wax Colon
    RMC Antiques

    Cohn’s co-star, Mike Zohn, of New York City’s Obscura Antiques & Oddities, said it’s a perfect place to shop for any kind of holiday. “You could get a taxidermic rabbit,” he told HuffPost. “That’s a good Easter gift for Grandma. But there is also one vendor who specializes in prosthetic eyeballs.”

  • Squirrel Diorama
    Amber Maykut

  • Handmade Victorian Gas Mask
    Wren Britton

    The flea market replaces one that was held a few times a year at the Morbid Anatomy Museum, a death-centric museum in Brooklyn that closed its doors in December.

  • Eyeball Ring
    Odd.Ball Oddities

  • Antique Anatomy And Scientific Lithographs
    Obscura Antiques

    “Their flea market was one of the most popular events they had,” Cohn said. “My wife and I thought, ‘How can we save it?’ None of the vendors had any place to go.”

  • Victorian Hair Art
    Evan Michelson

  • Sword Tarot Earrings
    Bloodmik Jewelry

    Zohn hoped the flea market is successful enough that they can hold them every few months.

  • Human Tooth Ring
    Ryan Matthew Cohn

    “We’re carrying on the tradition of showing things not seen by the average public,” Zohn said. “People are flying in for this.”

  • Spiderweb Ring
    Margaret Cross

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