‘Minecraft’ players build a design for secret underground SpaceX tunnel to LAX

Elon Musk, founding father of SpaceX and Tesla, might be focusing on a secret underground tunnel that runs from his office at SpaceX to the la Worldwide Airport terminal. He tweeted an image earlier this year of the items appears like the beginning of the tunnel combined with the word “Minecraft,” and several Lithuanian Minecraft players first viewed it like a challenge.

The crew of players spent 2 days in Minecraft creating an imagining from the tunnel that runs from SpaceX to Poor and published a timelapse from the project online. It was exactly the same crew that built a proposal for any Tesla Gigafactory in Lithuania, which caught the interest of Tesla.

Maybe SpaceX will catch wind of the new Minecraft project and employ it as inspiration for whatever secret projects it’s happening.

Find out more: http://mashable.com/2017/02/14/minecraft-spacex-tunnel/

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