New video using real NASA photos shows you what you’d see flying above Mars

Mars as seen through the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
Image: NASA/JPL/College of Arizona&nbsp

Right now, NASA along with other space agencies are operating satellites in orbit around Mars. The spacecraft are ongoing to beam amazing pictures of the red planet’s surface to Earth, and a few of the probes have solved Martian mysteries along the way.

What wouldn’t it seem like should you be in space, flying above Mars yourself?

An attractive new video using a high-resolution camera orbiting Mars aboard a NASA spacecraft teaches you exactly that.

“I would like to see images taken with a landscape professional photographer on Mars, especially in the polar regions. But I am afraid I will not observe that type of image within my lifetime,” Jan Frjdman, the creator from the video stated inside a description.

The pictures were taken with a camera onboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a probe that’s been going through the red planet previously mentioned within the last 11 years.

Frjdman processed the pictures by picking reference points within the photos after which spending around three several weeks converting them into 3D images.

NASA really includes a pretty huge group of followers dedicated to processing images beamed away from satellites in far-reaching areas of the solar system. Lots of folks on the web spend time taking raw imaging data delivered back from spacecraft all around the solar system and making it something beautiful for that world to determine.

You could do because NASA releases their images online free of charge, and also the agency even encourages image processors to show its photos into something beautiful as a means of getting the agency’s unique make of space science towards the masses.

A crater on Mars.

Image: NASA/JPL/College of Arizona

The pictures within this video may be the type of factor NASA astronauts see between the forseeable future.

Right now, the area agency is going after flying individuals to orbit the red planet within the coming decades for any possible orbital or landing mission around the world’s rusty surface.

For the time being, however, we are just going to need to get by with photos delivered back in the red planet in the high-powered robots looking at Mars on the account.

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