Oculus Rift gives everyone a VR ticket to the International Space Station

Image: Magnopus/oculus

We never tire of seeing amazing new footage in the Worldwide Space Station (ISS), but it might be better still if the majority of us might get a Very important personel ticket to go to.

Well, now we are able to, because of virtual reality around the Oculus Rift.

Mission: ISS is really a completely immersive VR experience that puts yourself on board the ISS because it orbits our planet, with the realistic effects you’d really experience of space, including weightlessness.

Created by La-based studio Magnopus, the knowledge was created together with NASA, the ecu Space Agency and also the Canadian Space Agency.

But when you are wishing for any gaming style trip, this is not the VR experience for you personally. Rather, Mission: ISS truly activly works to generate a realistic form of how it is enjoy focusing on board the ISS, including training and space station missions which are informed by a realistic look at what astronauts really undergo instead of some imaginary method of space.

One big suggestion before you decide to strap in your Rift and join in: sit, don’t stand while seeking the ISS. The experience’s weightlessness effect is very convincing and, apart from various handles round the walls to steady yourself (the application is enhanced to utilize Oculus Touch), trying this while standing will most likely result in some vertigo.


Actually, the whole atmosphere is stuffed with realistic moments, including when you attend the now familiar pod area presented with home windows and appear lower in the Earth. Should you look carefully, you’ll find that the climate all around the planet is slowing moving, just like it will in tangible existence.

Even though Mission: ISS is definitely probably the most realistic way anybody can presently go to the ISS without really going there, the better still news is the fact that it’s readily available for free.

So have you ever wondered should you could hack up there, you will no longer need to bother about passing rigorous tests or fears of having lost wide. Now you just need an VR headset to visit where only a number of humans have before.

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