Stephen Colbert Skewers EPA Chief Scott Pruitt’s Climate Change Theory

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt might want to pay attention to what Stephen Colbert says.

On Thursday, Pruitt controversially claimed that carbon dioxide emissions were not principally to blamefor climatic change an idea which goes from the considering virtually all of the scientific community.

The like Friday nights broadcast from the Late Show, Colbert recommended that Pruitt just do one factor which ended up being to check their own agencys website.

Since there, obvious to determine, it states the precise complete opposite of what Pruitt believes.

You actually shouldnt contradict your personal website, Colbert stated. Thats like BuzzFeed saying it normally won’t believe a quiz let you know if you are a Lumire or perhaps a Cogsworth.

Colbert then recommended what really might be behind climatic change also it involved Pruitt themself.

Browse the full segment above.

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